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How To Measure Car's Dimensions:

Funny Car Models

• Measure center to center front lower frame rails width. Jack cradles chassis
• Measure center to center frame rail width (standard jack is 16" wide) Uses 5/8" quick pins in the rear tabs which are welded to the chassis.



Pro Jack Set Up

Funny Car Models

• After unpacking the front and rear jacks, along with the pump and hoses, attach and lay out the system with the “T” in the hoses attached to the pump. The pump should be placed on the same side of the car that the hydraulic couplers are facing on the jacks (This is generally the left side of the vehicle).
• Position the rear and front jacks under the vehicle to determine the location to weld chassis tabs on rear of chassis (*tabs are not provided). Make certain the tabs are adaptable to work with the quick pins on the rear jack (rear tabs have 5/8” hole). Be sure to match the width between the tabs being welded on the car to the width of the lift-up on the jack. Allow for a minimum of 1/4in. clearance between jack and tabs.
• Once the tabs are welded on, attach the jack to the chassis with the quick pins provided.
• If using standard foot pedal pump, equip with an air fitting in rear female fitting. Make certain that the vent is open on the pump for proper operation. It may be left open except while shipping.



Lifting / Lowering Car & Maintenance

Lifting Car

• After properly setting up jack system, attach air hose to foot pedal pump (or plug in if electric model).
• Push on the advance mode of the pump to engage jacks into lifting motion. (This may take a few moments on the initial charge due to the hoses being empty of hydraulic fluid. The system is self-bleeding as any trapped air is returned to the pump). The front of the car should lift up first with the rear following. Continue to push the advance mechanism on the pump until the car is completely raised and the pump begins to slow down (clearly detectable by sound).
*NOTE* The first use of the system will require the setting of the flow control on the pump. When the car is initially raised, the flow control should be completely closed. After the car is completely raised, do not swing up arms into place. The release should be engaged with no results. While holding open the release, slowly open the flow control valve in order to achieve the desired drop rate of speed. Once set, lock with small set screws located on the side of the flow control valves. The drop rate will now be consistent each time the system is used.
• Once the car is completely lifted, raise the locking arms into place. Release the pressure on the pump in order to lock the arms into place. With the pressure released, the jacks now become a solid work stand.


Lowering Car

• Engage pump in order to lift car off of locking arms.
• Clear arms away from locking position and engage release on pump. The car will drop according to the speed which has been set by the flow controls.



• Lubricate lower base pivot rods periodically with a quality penetrating lubricant.
• Tighten and inspect nuts and bolts periodically.
• Inspect hoses and fittings for wear and tear and replace as needed.




Extreme caution should be used when operating any jack system. Be sure that the jacks are securely in the lock position before attempting any work on the car. Keep hands and body clear of jacks and underneath car unless locking arms are securely in place. Operate jack system only on a firm level surface. Lifting capacity of standard dragster jack system in 2,500 lbs. Overload or careless use may cause damage to jack system or vehicle, destruction of jack system, or personal injury.


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